My Little Dreamy Toddler Pillow

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Dreams Toddler Pillow is made with 220TC and 100% Cotton which makes it perfectly suitable for young children.

Highly rated by parents all around the world, our Toddler Pillow is ergonomically designed and tested on toddlers for the best spinal support without compromising their comfort. Our Toddler Pillows are machine washable for the pillowcase and pillow shell, keeping your toddler’s pillow clean and fresh. We use a natural cotton pillowcase and cover which are safe for children and toddlers. It is ultra-soft and breathable for all seasons. Match any nursery setting or bedding sheets with organic white pillowcase, making it the hottest selling pillow for toddlers, both boys and girls. Sized perfectly for your little one to nap, sleep and play while on the go. With a pillow on hand, your toddler will feel more secure when sleeping or napping in a new environment.


ABC, White


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